Spotlight: The Democratisation of Virtual Production

24. aprill 2024

The past few years have seen the emergence and evolution of virtual production.

Right now, bleeding-edge tools that allow you to build virtual worlds, are largely the preserve of the multibillion-dollar movie and gaming industries. However, some innovative brands, are already adopting virtual production and are reaping the benefits. In this session, Luke Farrell, Founder of FXR and Anil Noorani, Managing Partner at TKM, will guide you through the virtual landscape and explain:

  • What is virtual production & why it is relevant?
  • Who’s doing it well / who’s doing it at all?
  • The need to embrace creative tech
  • Significant time and cost savings
  • Impact on sustainability
  • Getting ready to drive business growth in an Extended Reality Future

10:00am London | 5:00pm Singapore | Other time zones.

This webinar is open to:

  • WFA members
  • Brand members of WFA National Advertiser Associations

This webinar will be recorded.