WFA Webinar: Objectives Unlocked / Launch New Products: Free live stream by Contagious

21. oktoober 2020

Whatever your brand’s business objective, others have tackled similar goals. Join Contagious each week for a dose of creative inspiration, first person insight and detailed analysis of what has worked in other situations and why. This week’s challenge: Launch New Products

Want to launch a new product? Congratulations – so does everybody else! In this session we’ll share the pick of the product-launching campaigns from the Contagious archive, getting to the heart of what worked – and why. Join the final livestream of the series to see the brands that have nailed this crucial business objective.

The presentation will include:

  • Work from a diverse array of categories and regions
  • Campaigns from brands both large and small
  • The insights informing the work
  • First-hand perspectives from the people behind the ideas

Register for the live session here.