Knowledge Spotlight: Agency Briefing

25. juuli 2024

This live session is part of WFA’s practical webinar series, Knowledge Spotlights. In partnership with handpicked experts, this series offers 101 sessions on modern marketing foundations relevant to Asia Pacific. Designed for emerging leaders, from junior to mid-level professionals, looking to enhance their marketing skills and knowledge.

Focus of this session: Agency Briefing

It all starts with the brief. This module will reinforce why great marketing brief writing is arguably the most important skill a Marketer should master. It will provide the key components of a great brief and demonstrate how good briefing saves time and money by enabling the communications process to operate efficiently and effectively.

The role of the creative brief in delivering great work:

  • Key principles of great briefs and how to brief
  • The nuances between briefs for different agency specialisms and tasks
  • How to turn insights into compelling propositions to inspire your agency briefs
  • Watch-outs for brief writing
Who this module is aimed at: Marketing professionals, mid-level managers and junior marketing roles.
Presenter: Ara Hampartsoumian Observatory International Managing Partner, Singapore and/or, Lucinda Peniston-Baines Observatory International Founder & Managing Partner, London,

Available to: WFA members, members of WFA’s National Advertiser Associations, and our Partner’s clients.

9:00 am Brussels | 3:00 pm Singapore/Hong Kong/China | 4:00 pm Japan | Other time zones

Note that all sessions are hosted live on Zoom to allow Q&A at the end, recorded, and will be available for replay on WFA’s Knowledge Base.

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