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JCDecaux has been developing innovative urban furniture solutions since 1964, becoming the leading outdoor advertising company in the world. The company’s story began in Lyon, France. In 1964, 27-year-old Jean Claude Decaux offered the city bus stop furniture that looked aesthetically pleasing, was clean, weather-resistant and equipped with two glass-covered advertising spaces. And most importantly – it looked beautiful. Today, we are operating in more than 80 countries with more than 1 million advertising spaces.

Market leader in Estonia

We help to spread communication messages in five major Estonian cities through various advertising formats – bus shelters, citylights, billboards, premiums and digital screens. Different formats allow advertisers to use different strategies to deliver their message. Today, JCDecaux has more than 2,200 different outdoor advertising spaces in five Estonian cities, and we run more than 1,000 campaigns a year with out good partners. Over a long period of time, we have accumulated an excellent knowledge base of outdoor advertising know-how. For example, out database has more than 37,000 design files and over 34,000 images – probably one of the most representative advertising databases in Estonia.

Why outdoor advertising?

The world is urbanizing, as is Estonia – 69% of all Estonians live in cities and the number is growing. All this reflects a growing audience for outdoor advertising – as a nationwide channel, outdoor advertising is becoming stronger as the number of pedestrians increases. Already 40% of the Estonian population lives in Tallinn or its immediate surroundings.

Outdoor advertising is one of the few media channels with which you can target different age groups, nationalities and other groups equally at the same time. Campaign follow-up studies show that outdoor advertising campaigns always have a high level of unique recognition – there are many who remember the advertisement only from outdoor media and not elsewhere.


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