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We are a 360-degree full-service advertising agency and represent the world’s largest network of advertising agencies TBWA in Estonia. We offer our customers a wide range of marketing solutions, from strategy and workshops to creative solutions for specific campaigns and their production.

We believe that the relationship between the client and the agency must be a partnership, not just a project-based implementation. That is why we have set ourselves the goal of offering our customers creative solutions with a well-thought-out strategy, through which our customers’ business grows faster than its competitors.

In our work, we combine local know-how with the knowledge and experience of the entire network. The creative philosophy Disruption® has been written into our DNA, the idea of ​​which is not just creativity for creativity’s sake, but rather creativity to achieve the customer’s goals. We also constantly use the Backs\ash platform in our work to monitor social and cultural trends.

What is Disruption®?

Disruption® is a philosophy formulated by the legendary creative thinker Jean Marie Dru in the early 1990s that has become an integral part of TBWA agencies. It is a way of thinking and a tool with which we create strategies and creative ideas.

Simply put, Disruption® is a catalyst to create ideas that shake the market and grow brands. We challenge societal conventions to create new ways to grow our customers’ business.

“For us, it’s not a description of what is. For us, it’s a methodology to say what could be. It’s about what you can do with a brand in the future.”– Jean Marie Dru, Chairman, TBWA\Worldwide

What is Backs\ash?

Backs\ash is a team of trendspotters consisting of about 300 employees (including in Estonia), whose task is to map global, regional and local trends.

These trends are our daily tool, thanks to which creative teams are constantly aware of the changes taking place in society. We can use this knowledge successfully to achieve our clients’ goals, because culture moves the masses and determines people’s thoughts.

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  • The TBWA network includes 275 agencies and more than 12,000 people in 95 countries.
  • TBWA has been named one of the 100 Most Innovative Companies in the World by Fast Company in 2019 and 2020, and was named Global Agency of the Year in 2018 by Adweek.
  • TBWA’s global customers include adidas, Apple, Gatorade, Henkel, Hilton Hotels, McDonald’s, Nissan, and Singapore Airlines.
As a full-service agency, we offer two main services:
  • Creative services – creative ideas, copywriting, design, content creation, social media management, project management, assistance, digital production and everything in between.
  • Consulting – coaching style workshops to create marketing, advertising, business and brand strategies.





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