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Almost 30 years of shared experience…

Ellex Raidla set legal services of the highest quality as its standard already on a cold day in February 1993 when despite stormy weather, the company’s founders signed its foundation documents. The Estonian Bar Association has also recognised our company as a law firm with high standards of service. 28 years of shared experience, the trust of our clients and the dedication of extraordinary people has enabled our company become a law firm with the highest international rankings whilst belonging to Ellex – the leading Baltic circle of law firms.

The firm’s history includes major mergers and acquisitions of numerous companies. We have walked our clients through complicated financing transactions but also precedent-setting local and international court disputes. We have successfully represented and advised companies in nearly all areas: trade, industry, real estate and construction, aviation, energy, finance and investment, science, technology, media and entertainment etc.

We also value the principles of responsible entrepreneurship, contributing to projects of societal importance. Our social responsibility was born out of the Baltics’ independence and a desire to create strong, future-proof frameworks in the worlds of education, law, health and culture.

The firm provides legal services in all key business sectors. Legal advice is provided for transactions and dispute resolutions, but also the daily business operations of companies. In the marketing world we can assist with advertising law.

We have profound knowledge of the sector, having advised various consumer campaigns and on copyright issues and direct marketing campaigns. We also help clients assess advertisements to ensure their compliance with legal requirements. Occasionally disputes arise in the advertising sector regarding the publishing of misleading information or copyright violations.

Modern day trends are circular economy and caring for the environment, which means that marketers and also law firms are faced with questions related to product packaging and the waste it ultimately becomes.

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