WOW Events

Event Management Agency



A renowned event organizer with a long history on the Estonian market.

The team of WOW Events is specialized on uniqueness to create idea solutions of event marketing and events that meet the desires and specificity of every client. We believe that a good event is like a tailored suit, merging the client’s wishes and the contractor’s skills.

We always stress that events are not held just for the party, but every event has a purpose – be it creation of a relaxed environment for interacting with key customers, introduction of a product or activity and creating a sense of intimacy, or binding an organization into a team.

The most important task of event marketing is creating the right environment where the company can execute the goal set by the client to the maximum possible extent. At a well-organized event, the focus of participants is exactly where needed and the mood is right for broadcasting the intended messages. The emotions created at the event, in turn, support the long-term goals of the organization.

The mission of WOW Events as an event marketer is to provide events with custom solutions to the business client, using direct communication, responsibility and professional project management to achieve the desired, high-quality end result. Thus, the client has more time to carry out their main operations.

We don’t make baseless promises and the secret of our success is satisfied event participants who have captivating experiences, and first and foremost the clients who have peace of mind both before and after the event. An honest relationship with the client is the basis for good cooperation – we always carry out everything we’ve promised and we stick to our deadlines.

Do. Don’t try!

Services we offer:

  • Internal communication
  • Team-building events
  • Incentive events
  • Client events
  • Major events
  • Launch events
  • Conferences and seminars
  • Hybrid events
  • Strategic and technical event planning
  • Technical support and production


Contact person: Olavi Ruhno,