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Our story began in the early years of the Estonian advertising industry, when there was a need to plan and buy media space for those advertisements that the newly established creative agencies diligently prepared for their clients. Initially, it was dealt with as a department in an advertising agency, but after a while it became clear that the professional and strategic management of media campaigns is a completely separate type of service that is more sensible to offer as a separate agency.

Thus, on September 12, 1997, an independent company VIA Media OÜ was established under the auspices of the AGE Com group. Six people who were at the birth of VIA Media, Kadri Kokla, Piret Koldits, Agne Vilt and Triin Loogma are still in our team. The work of VIA Media was supported for some time by the international chain of media agencies Initiative. In 2009, we decided to start cooperating with Mindshare, an international agency chain belonging to a very strong global player, Group M, which is our partner to this day. Thanks to the chain’s tools, training, databases and know-how, we can offer our customers a world-class media service in order to grow their business.

Mindshare has an equally strong presence in all three Baltic countries. Communication between the Tallinn, Riga and Vilnius offices takes place on a daily basis, and we also have several common clients. The Mindshare Estonia team employs 15 people, all specialists in their field, who do their work with dedication and passion.

We value long-term partnerships with our customers and tailor our service to the needs of each customer. Our mission is to help accelerate brand growth and grow customers’ business. To this end, we are constantly evolving in an ever-changing marketing landscape, constantly improving our service portfolio and expertise.

In today’s media agency, media planning and purchasing are no longer just a matter of time. We see ourselves as clients ‘business partners, in our work we follow clients’ business goals, formulate marketing and media goals, map consumer routes, look at the 360-degree picture, choose moments and messages, to what extent, in what channels and when to reach people. We plan, act, measure, react, optimize, adapt. Customization is a very important keyword for us as a member of Mindshare’s large family. Mindshare was the first in the world to introduce the concept of adaptive marketing and the way it works (source: AdAge). Continuous monitoring of campaign performance, responding to changing circumstances, consumer feedback and behavior, and optimizing campaigns have become part of our daily work and are of great importance. In addition, we cannot forget business analytics, without which the work of a modern media agency can no longer be imagined. Our daily lives are filled with numbers, analysis, conclusions and considered decisions. All this in order to be an accelerator of your customers’ business growth.

Services offered:

  • Strategy and planning
  • Business analytics
  • Digital marketing
  • Offline media
  • Content creation
  • Consumer research
  • Media training

Strategy and Planning – The Mindshare chain and our own tools, such as the Mindscan research platform and the Live Survey database, help us create strategies for our customers. With the input from there, we can create the most optimal and realistic media strategies based on people’s consumer behavior and opinions. Our team consists of experts with very long-term experience and various skills, who are able to create a comprehensive strategy for the client and implement it.


Business analytics – With the help of business analytics, we help customers understand how to most effectively use their own and third-party data for the effectiveness of media and marketing activities. This includes, for example:

  •  1. Creating a media and marketing strategy based on the consumer journey.
  •  2. Determining the optimal media and marketing budget based on marketing and business goals.
  •  3. Assessing the combined effects of different media and marketing channels. 
  • 4. Customer focus segment mapping. 
  • 5. Evaluate the impact of different marketing activities on sales results.
  •  6. Econometric modeling of marketing. 
  • 7. Visualization of data and reporting of campaign activities as dashboards.


Digital marketing – In digital marketing, we use a data-based approach to both channel planning and real-time optimization. All our digital specialists are certified by Google, Facebook and AdForm. Services include:

  •  1. Creating, planning and real-time optimization of digital media strategy based on campaign goals.
  •  2. SEM – search engine marketing 
  • 3. SEO – website optimization 
  • 4. Programmatic buying.
  •  5. Different social media advertising solutions. 
  • 6. E-commerce. 
  • 7. Mapping and auditing the client’s internal channels. 
  • 8. Integration of the client’s internal channels with external marketing and media activities.
  •  9. Analyzing and reporting various digital media activities with dashboards. 
  • 10. Attribution modeling based on the customer’s field or customer’s specifics.


Offline media – As media specialists, we master the planning of all different media, we are aware of all industry trends and use this knowledge to find the best solutions according to the client’s goals. Services offered: 

  • 1. TV planning, monitoring and reporting 
  • 2. Radio planning and monitoring
  • 3. Print planning and monitoring 
  • 4. Outdoor media planning and monitoring.

Content creation – Our content creation team provides a wide range of services, from content creation and partnership mediation to dynamic content optimization to create synergies between the consumer and the content. We can help with the following: 

  • 1. Creating and managing the content of social media pages.
  • 2. Influencer marketing. 
  • 3. Various cooperation projects with media 
  • 4. Content marketing


Consumer research –  The main purpose of consumer surveys is to gather consumer information and combine it with first, second and third party data to get a 360 degree view of the consumer journey. With the help of the Mindscan online survey panel, we carry out: 

  • 1. Preliminary and follow-up surveys of campaigns. 
  • 2. Media consumption research. 
  • 3. Brand awareness research. 
  • 4. Advertising visibility studies. 
  • 5. A / B testing of advertising solutions. 
  • 6. Research on consumer behavior and motivation. In addition, we provide our customers with overviews of competitors’ activities and advertising costs.


Media training – We consider sharing our knowledge and educating our customers about media to be the cornerstone of a good partnership. We offer the following trainings: 

  • 1. General media training based on the client’s specifics. 
  • 2. Media planning, measurement and targeting.
  • 3. Basics of digital marketing. 
  • 4. Digital media training according to the client’s specifics. 
  • 4. Google Analytics Training. 
  • 5. SEM training. 
  • 6. Different social media advertising solutions, creation of segments, targeting of campaigns and analysis of results.

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