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The Marimell blog is one family’s web home, which has grown a loyal audience of twenty thousand pairs of eyes in a few years.

The blogger couple Marimell, or Mari-Leen and Meelis have been running  blog for seven years.  Previously, they had both worked in media and television, edited the newspaper online edition, contributed to portals of various web magazines, edited TV shows and blogged on several fronts. Mari-Leen started with her personal blog already in 2005, when she was living in Germany. This makes her one of the longest running bloggers in Estonia.

“To many it may seem unbelievable, but one time we have earned 20 thousand euros with the affiliate program; we have made people use our promotional codes thousands of times,” adds Meelis.

Our goal has never been to pick prize and awards, but to bring products and services to people.

The blog has also grown into their second venture, the digital marketing agency, which offers a service to those who do not have time to create content themselves. Mari-Leen manages the social media channels and strategy of several well-known brands and Meelis sets up various advertising campaigns and helps to create visual content. “We help larger and smaller companies achieve their desired results faster.”

Being deep inside the Estonian blog and influencer landscape, they know exactly what social media influencers are worth working with and how to get the maximum for the minimum amount of money. Who has loyal followers, whose followers are bought and what exactly this collaboration between one company and the influencer should look like?

Blog advertising is cheaper and more effective than traditional media. The popularity of bloggers always requires fresh and relevant content. Blogs as an information channel are reliable because the reader identifies themself with the content writer. Blogging boosts your company’s or product’s search engine visibility. According to a social media survey carried out in the United States, the lifetime of a blog post is two years. The lifetime of a Facebook post is just 5-8 hours and for Instagram, it is 21 hours.

Involving bloggers also saves company time to create content, images, and more. All images and texts made by creators can be used by companies at their own discretion. You can make several different social media posts from one blog post. We always make more pictures than we put up on the blog, so customers can use all the pictures themselves and create new content on their own channels. Quite often we are simply ordered product images without having to do a blog post at all. 

We help our clients any way possible and are happy to take on special projects, that differentiate from regular campaigns.






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